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*MY DEAR ROSA JEAN* is about a woman's survival and eventual recovery from child abuse that had led to domestic violence in her adult life. Through the eyes of the protagonist, Rosa Jean, this serious issue is shared with her aunt. Coming from a different perspective, her Aunt Grace supports and influences her to further recovery and spiritual growth.

My goal in writing this fiction novel was simple: To introduce potential paths toward recovery in a social issue that continues to plague our society. Since I have survived and recovered from abuses, I felt compelled to "play it forward" and share with those who may need tools to use in their own recovery. And, although I felt I had already recovered from past  issues, putting this in writing liberated (or exorcised) me from residual emotional memories relating to darker days.
After self-publishing MY DEAR ROSA JEAN, my writing interest shifted to positive, fun, carefree entertainment. GRANNY BABYSITS THE MISCHIEVOUS FIVE portrays events similar to my experiences throughout life. This supports that within a person's life there can be moments of child abuse, domestic violence and many great, fun-filled moments with siblings, children and grandchildren. A personal choice is to focus on the good and lovely things.

It was sheer pleasure to recall the many delightful experiences I've had 
with my children while I wrote it. Often, my children requested me to include in the storyline something similar to specific events that they had sentimental memories about.

As an author, I don't know how many stories I have. Once these two stories were completed, I came up with a few more ideas. I have completed a young adult mystery and submitted it to an interested publisher for her review. Maybe I'll receive great news from this 
publisher before the year is out. What a Happy New Year’s  message that would be!


An Introduction to Carin Jayne Casey:

In Richmond, Virginia, author Carin Jayne Casey delivers a powerful story of an abuse victim’s tragic life and especially of a remarkable recovery in "My Dear Rosa Jean". Also by Ms Casey - and quite the different genre, "Granny Babysits The Mischievous Five" is her first juvenile fiction, a delightful story about a patient and loving grandmother spending quality-time with her adorable, but very adventurous and fun-loving grandchildren. Both books were published by Abbott Press this year.  

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