Monday, October 22, 2012

Strive to Read!

good books never go out of style
I love being able to curl up with a good book. There is something about being swept away in a story and rooting for the characters to either solve the mystery, catch the bad guy or even wait for the snarky response from a hero or villain. If I could, I think I'd love to transport myself into a book. But, with my busy schedule, finding time to read used to be difficult until I created my To-Be-Read (TBR) list. 

This year marks the first time I've created a list of books to read. Yes, I am a little new to the idea of creating a TBR list, but I think it has made it possible for me to always "find" books that I've somehow become interested in, but haven't had time to read for some reason or another. Now, I am no longer searching for a book, but am ALWAYS on the lookout for a great book to read! Whenever I read or hear about a book I might find interesting, I place it on my list.

This year, my goal has been to read 10 books, and to stray away from my typical genres. This does not mean that I can't continue to read in the genres that I so enjoy, but that I should also give other genres  a chance. I am so happy I have done this. Today, I placed ADRIENNE'S GHOST Ghost by LEAH ST. JAMES on my TBR list. 

I am currently on my eighth book for the year and am reading RED DRAGON by THOMAS HARRIS. Harris is the mastermind behind the greatest of villains, Hannibal Lecter. Although it has taken me several weeks to read this book again, I am happy that I can devote a minute or two to a story that still continues to freak me out.

Now, I pass the torch on to you. What are you reading?


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