Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Plethora of Ideas

Carin Casey

Readers have asked me where I get the ideas for my stories. Most story lines initially come from personal memories about people, places and/or events that I've either experienced myself or knew about during my lifetime.

For example, If I would think about the first time a friend disappointed me, I'd have to go back to grade school.

I remember Valentine's Day, when I was eight years old. I was very excited when my parents gave me the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. It was yellow gold with a delicate, heart shaped red stone. I believed that the heart represented the love they had for me.

The very next day I proudly displayed this adorable ring to my best friend, Mary, while we walked to school. She loved it, too. When school let out that afternoon, she and I went to the restroom together before our walk home. While we washed our hands, she again admired my ring, and she asked if she could try it on.

Within seconds of the transfer, though, Mary said, "Oh no! I dropped it!" We immediately scrambled to the floor and looked frantically, but the ring could not be found. I began to cry, and she comforted me.

As we walked home, I dreaded having to share with my mother what had happened, especially with this loss being only a day after they had given it to me. I had imagined I would keep it forever.

My mother listened while I told her, and she asked me several questions. Finally, she announced that I must walk over to Mary's house and tell her mother what had happened with my ring. I was confused and upset - did she actually think my best friend had anything to do with my ring disappearing?

It was extremely difficult for me to make myself knock on Mary's door because it felt like I was wrongfully accusing my friend of something. I did it anyway. Her mother answered the door, and I began telling her my story. I cried while I relayed it to her because the loss hurt, and it hurt to be telling this to Mary's mother. She was a patient listener, and when I was finished, she thanked me.

Then Mary's mother turned and yelled behind her, "Mary! Bring me the ring that you said you found today."

I was in shock! Mary, my best friend in the world, did take my precious ring! Shocking too, and a mystery to me, was that my mother knew this.

Mary glared through me as she handed me the ring. Ashamed, I looked down while I mumbled a thank you to her mother and went on my way. My prized ring had been returned to me, but my friendship had abruptly ended.

Could I embellish and weave some material about this event into a story someday? Sure, maybe.


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  1. Carin,

    This is a great short story right here! I love how you wrote it, and I could visualize it all!


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