Friday, November 23, 2012

The Value of Thanksgiving

The Value of Thanksgiving by Tina Glasneck

When I was younger, Thanksgiving was always about people being dressed as turkeys and my mother standing in the kitchen for hours preparing what would be our delicious meal. Thanksgiving was a time when family and friends would come together; it was the starting point for the holiday season filled with well-wishes and thanks. As we grow older, sometimes the idea of getting together with family isn't as simple as a piece of sweet potato pie.

Tina Glasneck
For many of us, the idea of sitting around the table with family can be like flipping a coin- good or bad; for others, it is like a welcomed home coming. For me, my holiday was just like a warm embrace from my past. It felt good to be surrounded by the scents, laughter and love of home, as I stood in the kitchen and listened to a little Michael Jackson playing from my brother's phone and watched my sister do an jig or two, I realized the beauty of growing older and was thankful to share such a sweet moment with those I've learned to value the most.

We place value on so many things: items that can be purchased at the drop of a dime, but those things we can't buy are sometimes seen as having little value, but are indeed the most important. Celebrating Thanksgiving, and indeed being thankful for the many blessings that have enriched our lives, shows that we value those who are in it. It is through touching conversations, gut busting laughter and brutal honesty that relationships are formed, and in those relationships, we develop and grow into people we desire to be.

So today, as you are loosening your belt one notch and regretting eating that second piece of pie, know that in breaking bread around the Thanksgiving table you've fortified your relationships, and shared a piece of valuable time with those that you indeed value and who are significant to you.

With the holiday season upon us, and from my heart to yours, may your holiday season be bright!


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  1. It is definitely difficult to not take things or people for granted, but maybe this time of year can at least allow us to cherish loved ones a little more.


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